Corporate Communications

Bring your business to life, and truly engage your employees and customers with state of the art digital screens and media players. From project management to creative development and technical support, we are at your service.

Digital Signage Solutions

  • Digital Collaborative Screens
  • Waiting Area Infotainment
  • Private Label TV Channel
  • Menu Boards
  • Interactive Kiosks & Displays
  • Wayfinding
  • Corporate Communication Displays


  • Drive employee engagement through project updates and dashboards
  • Share your company values, twitter feed, latest news or provide an overview of meeting room status
  • Built-in speakers for playback sounds and to highlight and emphasize updated content
  • An extensive library of pre-made templates to make managing communications easy and accessible for all team members.
  • Evoko Pusco comes in two different models; a wall mounted portrait version – ideal for the office – and a larger, freestanding floor version in landscape format, with beautiful wooden feet, perfect for bigger spaces and lobbies.