Room & Desk Booking Solutions

This suite of tools integrates meeting room and desk booking software with elegant touch screens for a truly pioneering solution that will transform your workplace. Plug and play digital signage effortlessly connects to your calendar for simple, effective meetings. Beacon-enabled, state-of-the-art touch screens connect to a sleek mobile app for a seamless booking experience.


  • View, make, or manage room bookings from the user-friendly, cloud-based platform and compatible mobile app
  • MS Outlook integration option allows meeting room booking directly from an Outlook calendar invite
  • Advanced filtering options to easily find the right room, including location, size, amenities, A/V capabilities, and more
  • Permission-based control of booking abilities per user
  • Vendor management for catering and other resources
  • Detailed reports capture information regarding room and resource usage, user activity, and more.

Meeting Room Touch Screens

  • View, make, or manage room bookings directly from the screen
  • Multi-color LED light with 180-degree visibility
  • Built-in RFID card reader and PIN access
  • Automatically release room booking if meetings have not started within a predetermined time frame
  • Detailed meeting information displayed directly outside the room


  • Cost effective, compact device that can be mounted on a desk edge, desk divider, or wall
  • Users can touch in using their RFID card to start or make a booking, and touch out to end the booking
  • Makes it easy to see which spaces are available, awaiting check-in, or booked with a visible, yet unobtrusive, light bar
  • Each screen is powered using a provided USB cable and is programmed to connect to a WiFi network in a few simple steps – no POE required


  • User-friendly touch screen that enables your staff to book workstations or meeting spaces when and where they need them
  • Can be put in lobbies or common areas for an attractive and cost-effective booking solution
  • Easy-to-use desk search function that lets staff search for colleagues
  • Quick login via RFID card
  • Book desks and rooms for the same day from a floor plan showing availability


Workspace occupancy sensing helps you understand how your desks, meeting rooms, and break out spaces are used in extraordinary detail.

  • Small and discreet wireless sensors can be easily fixed under desks and tables
  • Intelligent data analysis provides 1,300+ readings per day to provide a full look at your work environment
  • Low energy sensors can run for up to 2 years
  • Runs outside your corporate network for no impact on your network or IT department
  • Cloud-based reporting portal, providing access to data through any Internet-enabled device
  • Suitable for any workplace setting, including workstations, meeting rooms, VC suites, and dining areas
  • Can be monitored temporarily or permanently, based on needs


  • Provides visitors and meeting attendees with wayfinding arrows and up-to-date meeting information at a glance, including meeting room name, meeting title, and host name
  • Can be freestanding or wall-mounted, and has simple cabling and power requirements
  • With a smart contemporary design, the wayfinder will help guide your visitors and provide a fluid brand experience